Imani Energy, Inc.’s Solar Power Solutions


Imani Energy can meet all of your residential solar power system needs. We offer a range of high-quality solar modules that will be designed for the highest power production and the greatest fit for the aesthetics of your home.
We have several financing partners who are waiting to provide you with the assistance you need to secure your system and we will access the appropriate rebates from your local utility to further reduce your costs.
You will save money and have a source of clean renewable energy for your home. Take action today. Give us a call at (323) 919-3203.



Our commercial installation services can help you reduce your business costs through reductions in your energy bills. Imani Energy will bring you the highest quality solar electrical work. Our commercial service provider specializes in design/build so your solar power system installation meets the unique needs of your commercial facility or business.
We can meet the needs of projects whether they be union prevailing wage labor or non-union projects. We are your one-stop shop for your project design, finance and project management, operation, and maintenance. Our warranties give you peace of mind that your parts and services are covered.
Let Imani Energy give your business a competitive edge with energy savings that will yield bottom-line returns for years to come.
Give us a call at (323) 919-3203.

Imani Energy Ambassador Program (IEAP)

Join the Imani Energy Ambassador Program and help promote the growth of clean renewable solar electricity and even get paid for your efforts. Our program is open to individuals, organizations, contractors, friends, and others who want to make a difference through solar power. You can opt for our paid referral programs or just help to spread the word through distributing emails, audio, videos inviting friends to join our Facebook page.


Here’s How It Works Solar House Parties:

Gather friends and family together to learn more about Imani Energy and how our solar power system can make you part of the climate change solution. You can help us spread the message of how we are leveraging solar power installations to create solar sector jobs in low-income and people of color communities while promoting environmental equity, sustainability, and an end to the fossil fuel dependency that is threatening our future.
We will provide you with information on Imani Energy and on how to organize the house meeting and have one of our representatives present to your group.
Ambassador referrals for residential installations receive up to a maximum of $1,000 at $50 per installed kW. Commercial account referrals are for a maximum of $2,000 at $100 per installed kW. for each referral from your house meeting who actually installs an Imani Energy solar power system. Your check will be mailed 60 days after your referral's solar power system is installed. Encourage your friends to also hold house meetings.


Solar Modules

Let Imani Energy supply modules for your solar project. We have a great selection and efficient delivery. We also provide inverters, the balance of system components, solar power system kits, and batteries. Some minimum order requirements apply.


Solar/Hand-Crank Powered Flashlight & Weather Band Radio (6NWB)

The ER™ EMERGENCY READY Flashlight and AM/FM Radio with Weather Band never need batteries and charges all mobile devices! Charges by built-in solar panel and hand-crank generator. Powered by a high-capacity LiPo battery offering the latest in rechargeable battery technology. USB port charges all mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. Also works with your phone’s car charger and Universal Mobile Phone Charging Socket (included). Stay in touch with loved ones and news updates following an emergency.
This new item offers the newest in technology! Stay in touch with loved ones, receive emergency news and weather updates with the ER AM/FM/Weather Band radio with a super bright 3-LED flashlight that never needs batteries. You can always rely on it to work when you need it the most!

Solar/Hand-Crank Powered Flashlight & AM/FM Radio (6N)

The ER™ EMERGENCY READY Flashlight and AM/FM Radio never need batteries and charge all mobile phones! Charges by built-in solar panel and hand-crank generator. Includes Universal Mobile Phone Charging Socket to charge any cell phone. Powered by a built-in NiCad battery. Stay in touch with loved ones and news updates following an emergency.
This ER™ AM/FM radio with a super bright 3 LED flashlight never needs batteries. You can always rely on it to work for you!
It is recharged through solar power, the hand crank dynamo, or the DC6V jack which accepts power from USB, wall, or car charger.
Included is a red flashing strobe light for emergency signaling purposes and a siren to signal for help, as well as a universally built-in cell phone charger to help you communicate with loved ones during an emergency.


Hand-Crank Powered Flashlight & FM Radio

This battery-free, hand-crank radio plus flashlight is perfect for all emergencies and locations. Never worry about replacing expired or dead batteries again. It’s always ready when you need it!
This ER™ FM radio with a super bright 3 LED flashlight never needs batteries. You can always rely on it to work for you!
It is recharged through the hand crank dynamo or the DC6V jack which accepts power from USB, wall, or car charger.
Simply charge this dynamo generator-powered radio and flashlight by cranking the charging handle. 1 minute of hand cranking at 2 turns per second provides up to 20 minutes of usage.

Government and Nonprofits

Imani Energy can help your government agency or nonprofit cut energy expenses so that more of your funds can be directed to meeting the needs of your constituencies. Imani’s network of financing partners can help you finance projects suitable for agencies up to large government projects. Our scalable solar power systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs and generate the clean electrical power that you need.
Our unique approach and commitment to creating solar sector jobs in Empowerment and Enterprise Zone communities are very attractive to government agencies and nonprofits concerned about environmental sustainability and community development. Imani has developed special government and nonprofit energy projects that build on our 25 years of community-economic development, public/private project development, and nonprofit management.

Start saving on your electric bills right away with the installation of our solar power systems. We can also install solar thermal and help you reduce your electrical bills through energy efficiency.


Imani Energy’s Cofounders Ben Clayton and Jeffrey Richardson with Susan Burton, Founder and Executive Director of A New Way of Life (2nd from right) and friends at the organization’s, Los Angeles office on Martin Luther King Day, 2010

Contact us for our solar, solar thermal, and energy efficiency services and our unique government/nonprofit solar project/job creation opportunities.

Imani Energy Saves Money for Women’s Community Group

January 18th, 2010, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Imani Energy uses clean green solar energy to power up a women’s group home (one of several run by A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, which protects women from entrapment in the criminal justice system by helping them reenter their communities and the workforce).

Imani Energy President Jeffrey Richardson addresses the community and lays out his vision for Imani as a positive partner for inner-city communities in the areas of employment, the environment, health, utility savings, and community revitalization.

Community Projects

“Making a difference in your community and the world.”

A commitment to community transformation is at the core of the Imani Energy vision. We believe that energy efficiency, solar power, and other renewable sources of energy can play a major role in creating jobs, cleaning our environment, and saving money where people need it most. That is why we are so focused on the engagement of low-income and people of color communities. In these communities, residents pay a higher percentage of income for utilities and face significant barriers to inclusion in the “Green Economy.”

Our first solar power system was installed for an organization called A New Way of Life which helps formerly incarcerated women make the transition from prison back to their families and communities. Our installed solar power system is reducing their utility costs, freeing up money that can meet the needs of the women they serve.
Since then, we have worked with communities to install other systems and expanded to providing community education and training. For instance, Imani Energy pioneered solar sales training with the Los Angeles Community College District to help people in transition gain skills to position themselves for solar industry jobs.

We are doing our part to make economic and social equity a reality in the Green Revolution. Contact us to see how we can help your community organization and residents cut utility expenses, generate local employment capacity, and clean our precious environment.