Making a Difference in Your Community and the World

Expanding the reach of solar, one community at a time.

Solar Works and Saves You Money

We all win with solar, including Mother Earth.

Our Mission Is Solar

Social Mission: Improving ALL communities to have access to solar power

Imani Energy, Inc. is a solar technology and installation company for your home or business. Imani is committed to creating high-demand training and jobs, products, and services through the building and servicing of the rapidly growing green economy.
Imani Energy Inc. is a team of professionals dedicated to a better way of life for everyone.

We begin by assessing your property to design the most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing solar array for your home, business, or government buildings.


Our Services include:

• Site survey
• Energy use and financial analysis
• System design and photovoltaic system installation
• Energy auditing
• Ongoing service, support, and maintenance
• Permaculture consulting, planning, and design
• Provide real economic solutions
• Drastically reduce electric bills
• Create a fast return on investment
• Create hundreds of green-collar jobs for the city of LA
• Help turn the tide against climate change

Services and Products

About Imani Energy

Imani Energy Inc. represents a unique way to bring solar power to the people. Imani's new paradigm starts with a demonstrated commitment to community and human transformation. Our company links concerns for environmental equity and care for our planet with a cutting-edge private sector clean renewable energy venture.