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    Imani Energy in Nation’s Largest Solar Power Expo

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    Imani Energy on the Los Angeles Solar Leadership Roundtable

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    The Imani Energy Advantage

    Imani distinguishes itself from other solar installation and energy ventures in the following ways:


    Creates Distributed Energy Applications

    Contributes to the growth of distributed energy through solar and in the future wind and other forms of renewable energy through installations based in and around population centers utilizing existing spaces. This approach reduces a communities’ carbon footprint, environmental impacts and infrastructure costs and advances energy security by spreading the risk of energy failure over a greater number of power generation centers.


    Certified Minority Ownership

    Addresses historical and current barriers to the participation of low-income and people of color from the business sector and green economy. The “Imani” in Imani Energy means faith and is one of the principles of Kwanzaa. Imani is about a better future, fairness, and healing for our world.


    Community Eco-mobilization

    Integrates 25 years of community organization experience in low-income and community of color communities into a private sector model to generate business and deepen customer education on environmental issues and opportunities for citizen action.


    Providing pathways to a variety of financing options to make solar affordable and accessible for the widest range of customers.