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Imani Energy on the Los Angeles Solar Leadership Roundtable

Imani Energy on the Los Angeles Solar Leadership Roundtable


Imani Energy, President and CEO, Jeffrey Richardson, participated in an event entitled, the Solar Leadership Roundtable, organized by the Los Angeles Business Council to bring together a cross-section of key solar leaders to present their ideas on the potential of a 600 Megawatt (MW) “CLEAN-UP LA” Solar Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program. The program is designed to move Los Angeles into national leadership in the deployment of solar power to sustain the environment and generate jobs for a strong green economy.

According to the Los Angeles Business Council, the proposed 600 MW solar FIT would be enough electricity for 137,000 typical LA households and offset 9 million tons of carbon emission. The Angeleno Group estimated that this program would generate more than $2 billion dollars in private investment over 10 years for the LA basin. UCLA’s Luskin Center also estimates that CLEAN-UP LA will produce 18,000 jobs over the program’s 10 years in construction, installation, design engineering, maintenance and administration jobs of the “new clean energy infrastructure.”

The evening’s host, LA Council President, Eric Garcetti was optimistic about the programs adoption in LA; “In a time when there has been no job growth in this economy, the fastest growing sector has been green jobs… Solar could create 1 in 4 potential full time workers [of the total currently unemployed]. Why we don’t have urgency is befuddling.” To further drive his point home, Mr. Garcetti went on to say, “Clean tech is the next industrial revolution.”

Dr. JR DeShazo, director of the Luskin Center, who spearheaded the report on the proposed solar FIT program for LA, said the city needs the program because, “it attracts clean tech development by showing the city’s commitment… It spurs economic growth by producing high wage jobs,” and “creates billions in clean tech investment.” Imani’s Jeffrey Richardson told the gathering, “For Imani’s manufacturing plans, the 600 MW FIT would create demand for our planned locally manufactured modules facility and generate more jobs. The FIT program is timely and needed.

Stay tuned to for more program updates as they come available.

The event was held in the historic Bradley Room of Los Angeles City Hall.

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