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Imani Energy Ambassador Program (IEAP)

Join the Imani Energy, Ambassador Program and help promote the growth of clean renewable solar electricity and even get paid for your efforts. Our program is open to individuals, organizations, contractors, friends and others who want to make a difference through solar power. You can opt for our paid referral programs or just help to spread the word through distributing emails, audio, video inviting friends to join our Facebook page. Here’s how it works.

Solar House Parties:

Gather friends and family together to learn more about Imani Energy and how our solar power system can make you part of the climate change solution. You can help us spread the message of how we are leveraging solar power installations to create solar sector jobs in low-income and people of color communities while promoting environmental equity, sustainability and an end to the fossil fuel dependency that is threatens our future.

We will provide you with information on Imani Energy and on how to organize the housemeeting and have one of our representatives present to your group.

Ambassador referrals for residential installations receive up to a maximum of $1,000 at $50 per installed kW.  Commercial account referrals are for a maximum of $2,000 at $100 per installed kW. for each referral from your housemeeting who actually installs an Imani Energy solar power system. Your check will be mailed 60 days after your referrals solar power system is installed. Encourage your friends to also hold housemeetings.

If you cannot hold a house meeting, speak with one of our representatives and they can gather your information and contacts and ensure that you are credited with your referral reward should your contacts install a solar power system.

Spread the word by distributing our informational emails, video or audio to you networks.

Help us reach 10,000 people with information on Imani Energy our solar electric, solar thermal and energy efficiency message and our unique job creation initiative. We believe that the power to green our economy and bring solar and renewable energy to all rests with citizens. Our business views you as our partner in a movement to build a clean energy future.

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Imani Energy Ambassador program!