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“Kick Coal out of Los Angeles” and “Say No to Props 23-26”


On October 10, 2010Imani Energy president, Jeffrey Richardson joined Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, actress Ellen Page (Inception, Juno),, Sierra Club, Greenpeace andothers at the campaign to “Kick Coal out of Los Angeles.” The focus was to raise awareness of the city’s dependence on fossil fuels and the consequences, and to turn back fossil fuel industry sponsored Propositions 23 and 26 on election day, November 2nd. These Props respectively aim to dismantle and defund AB32, the most comprehensive climate law in the nation.

Jeffrey spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 200 Los Angeles residents and activists. According to Richardson, “Our current economy, culture and technology are tragically wedded to fossil fuels. This reality distorts the politics of our city and region on issues of energy and the environment pitting large oil and coal companies against the interests of the public and environment.  And I must say that globally our addiction to fossil fuels make periodic conflicts over oil inevitable and a catastrophic wars over oil a near term possibility.

The solar company executive stated that defeating Props 23 and 26 will support efforts to build clean economy jobs. “Thousands of workers in our city are unemployed. But, with a Green Economy, with solar, and wind and geothermal and the related technologies they could be put back to work in sustainable jobs,” added Richardson. “The work that has been put forth in these efforts would be undone by the dismantling of AB32.”

Imani Energy focuses on solar sector job creation and training and energy efficiency in Empowerment and Enterprise Zone communities. Imani Energy exists to ensure that low-income and people of color communities participate fully in the Green economy and is currently working to establish a solar manufacturing facility South Los Angeles.

The October 10, 2010 rally was held at the Los Angeles, City Hall and was sponsored by, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, LA Green Coalition, CicLAvia and many others.

Please get out to vote on November 2nd and vote No on Props 23 and 26th.

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